Nottinghams’ Lady Bay Vintage our first post


We’ve never written an article about what we do. So what do we do who are we ?

We’re based in Nottingham. And we are specialists in vintage furniture & objects for the home. From the 1950’s to the 80’s. We buy and sell.

We love vintage, or MidCentury if you prefer, or retro or 20th Century, or modern antiques, or contemporary antiques. There are so many names for it these days!

After a lifetime in retail we decided to try out our love of modern antiques in another guise. We went online as many businesses do these days, but funnily enough seemed to end up building a vintage following where we live here in Lady Bay, Nottingham.

It was our friend Sharon who suggested we should have a ‘sale’ and we kind of got to thinking it’s a nice idea but where would we do it, it couldn’t be  from home that might be a bit full on.

Lets try it in the local hall that might work. We got a few dealers together. People we knew that had really nice stuff & we called it the Lady Bay vintage  fair. It sounded a bit grand at the time for our first fair. We were overwhelmed with the support for it.

That’s sort of how it started. We’ll always be indebted to Sharon for sparking the idea

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