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We’re fairly new to the social media thing

Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your event, or whether you’re trying to sell something or whether you want to show  people photos of the cake you just baked, or your new hair do absolutely everyone is using it

So I decided  to  get on the case.  There’s no point in having a business where you want to sell stuff, or having a vintage fair where you want people to come, when no one knows about it right ? It’s like having a birthday party and not sending out any invites.

So I asked a few friends what they were ‘on’, I dropped it in to a few conversations at work here and there, I looked up a few businesses online to see what they used and to what end.

It very soon became apparent that absolutely everyone was on it.  18 months ago, Facebook was the only one I’d heard of so we started off with that.

I read a few articles, they can be quite confusing when you’re trying to configure stuff at the same time, so I watched a few Youtube tutorials which was a bit easier to follow and hey presto we’d landed on Facebook

We’ve built up a bit of a following since then. Its always rather overwhelming when you get a new follower, or a like, its like someone giving you a pat on the back and saying well done, good job.

Instagram soon followed,  and then Twitter,  7 days ago it was Pinterest, and then 2 days ago I set up this blog

We’re pretty sure that everyone in the world including our friend’s 11 year old is using social media to better effect than us. In fact we could probably learn a thing or two from him. Then there’s sites we haven’t even considered yet like Reddit or Linkedin or Snapchat. They just keep on coming.

Last week we got approached via Instagram from someone with a rather dubious name  suggesting that we can ‘buy 500 followers for £10’ from them. And then the next moment a lady offering her services. The week before on Twitter I got a message from someone offering software that will post randomly and regularly through the day so that you have the best chances of getting seen by the whole world. Social media, it’s a crazy world, but amazing at the same time. You can reach the world in a few seconds!  The biggest concern to us has always been not how many followers we have or don’t have, but whether we’re writing anything that actually interests people. When you start thinking about it too much thats when writers block sets in.

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