I’m not sure if Tuesday is my most favorite day of the week or the worst

It’s the day I choose to cycle in to work, work being 12 miles away. It’s a 5.30am start, so depending on what’s happened the day before, getting up whilst everyone else is still asleep can be really hard, and I mean, REALLY hard.

We live in Lady Bay and its right next to the River Trent. Even at that time, there’s people out rowing, joggers, dog walkers, other cyclists & when the sun is shining you can’t beat it-even though its early. The other reason I like it is because it’s a good time to have a think about whatever needs sorting out over the next few days.

Today it was the logistics of getting our boy Ronnie from a party to a football tournament. Booking an appointment for some physio. Preparing for a meeting with the guys from the Nottingham kids books festival ( http://www.nottinghamtellingtales.org.uk/ ), and so on. What was the main topic of thought though?  Well that would be the possibility of 60 stalls at our next fair.  This is a real revelation. We’re going from being small, cute and perfectly formed to a beast of a vintage mid-century fair. Its bonkers & how on earth did that happen ?!

By the time I’d climbed up the three hills with my rucksack and lap top on my back, and spent half an hour cycling parallel to the A453 I got to work feeling completely wide awake and full of vitality, which for a 46 year old at that time of morning is definitely something to write home about.

I’m looking forward to the return journey home tonight. Partly because it feels like its downhill all the way ( which can’t possibly be true),  and partly  because I never think about the same things twice on a Tuesday.

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