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This blog started off with every intention of being about ‘Lady Bay Vintage’ – the problem being, of course,  what on earth would I find to write about every month that would be interesting and new, and frankly that the reader might not know already through all of our other media pages? Well that’s how it sort of evolved in to the observational & personal blog, and I started to post about things like my memory of the Bradford samosa man

There’s been nearly 900 reads of this blog since August, so I’m guessing some people would have googled us and read the posts and thought what on earth is all of this about. Where’s all the stuff about sideboards, chairs, & tables,  or anything about  art, fabric, & salvage. If you have googled us and that’s how you got here and now you want to know about sideboards and LB Vintage, then fear not, this post is for you.

So what’s new? The first thing to mention is that we have a fair in 5 weeks time. The second is that we’ve moved. We’d been toying with the idea of moving for a while, but we knew we had to get on with it after the last event, it was seeing all of the people squashing going on down the aisles. But where to? It had to stay in Lady Bay right?  Our friend Steve suggested the Rugby club, it’s just down the road, so we took a leisurely stroll down there one balmy Summers evening to take a look at their marquee. We could tell it was huge as we approached. Not just huge, but vast, cavernous. Even the boys thought it was ‘awesome’,  and there’s not  that much that impresses them. They ran about inside and tried a bit of  shouting to create echos. They played tag. And then ran about a bit more. We had to tell them off when they broke out in to full on wrestling….

We asked them what they thought about the place – that’s when we could get a word in and they said that they thought it was ‘really good’ . So we had to go for it of course after that firm affirmation. So readers what else is there to say?

We’ll be stuffed, full to the rafters with cool stuff on the day.  If it’s worth having it will be there – so we hope you’ll come and see us for this our most special of events so far. Do let us have your thoughts and opinions on the day if you find us.

We’ve sold out to exhibitors, but if you want to see whose going to be there then check out the Facebook event – I update it regularly

Saturday 10th December 2016, 11am – 4pm, at the Hospitality Marquee, Nottingham Rugby Club, 1 Holme Road, Lady Bay, West Bridgford, NG2 5AA. It has its own free parking directly outside

Virender and Paul

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