A Tummy Full of Good Intention

So readers. How are you? I’ve been away awhile and blog-shy I know. Our last midcentury fair https://www.facebook.com/events/1777579312526187/

took over November and December. Our family life even at the most average of times is generally crammed with ‘stuff’, and on the lead up to a fair, it becomes even moreso. Once the fair was over and done with, well then Christmas loomed of course, and you know what that’s like. Crazy bonkers busy, but then ratcheted up a gear or two further.  Presents and panic buying. Visiting and visitors. Holidays. Travelling. Late nights. Early starts. Family overload. And the car needed MOT’ing which was rather inconveniently timed. New Year descends and the levels of excitement become immeasurable and so does the indulgence. More drinking, more eating, more buying, more visitors, more travelling. January arrives. I’m not sure what to make of January. It heralds the month that returns us to some sanity, normality and routine and also of course sadly, a month of returning unwanted presents, and exchanging them for other presents and where the outlet wont give a refund having to take a gift voucher and amassing hundreds of those in the certainty you will definitely forget to use them.

Right now, I’m at work and looking out of the window. It’s grey out there. That’s how it makes one feel, January. Grey,  like the weather. The lack of sun. No nutrients. Grey.  It’s bound to happen I guess after the excitement of December. December I eat too much. My stomach is as tight as a drum, full of turkey, prosecco and Christmas pudding. The turkey and everything else that went in though has finally taken its toll and now the waistline I own, is sadly  beyond recognition. Does it belong to me I wondered this morning. Can it really belong to me. Where did it come from, so suddenly? In the night. Like a thief.  Everyone around me is full of good intention and remorseful. There are no more cakes in the office, (although I wish there was)


no more alcohol during the week. I can barely get through the door at the gym I normally go to, there’s so many people in there. Whilst thinking about my expanded waistline it got me to musing about a resolution for the year. What could I do, it would have to be BIG – as a reminder that it should match the stature of the stomach.

I thought and thought for a whole day, and then gave up. And this morning I thought and thought a bit more. I made some tea and thought a bit more this afternoon. The longer I think the more apparent it becomes that I can’t think of any BIG changes I want to make in my life . I was just losing hope, when out of nowhere I had one of those lucid moments where the answer came to me . Perhaps I need to start thinking SMALL !  Maybe small is the way forward. The smallest changes are most likely to be succeed after all, aren’t they? The more I think about it the more sense it makes. So that’s my advice for the year friends. Take it or leave it. SMALL changes are the best sort of changes.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.



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